Tuesday, December 12 – There was an extraordinary buzz in the trendy downtown co-working space Inn Cube. Unlike previous events, our MBA Speaker Series would invite one of our prominent professors to share their knowledge and expertise in their given field, but for the final event of 2017, we invited a distinguished industry professional to offer a glimpse of a new direction for our MBA Speaker Series for 2018.

This time, despite the rather unusually-cold weather in Beijing, there were over 50 attendees present in the fully-packed Inn Cube facilities, most of them belonging to the large African community that resides in Beijing today, to hear what our Guanghua MBA student panel, consisting three of our current African students – Miatta Momoh, the event host, Asithandile Nkatha, and Takunda Rukanda – as well as former diplomat and the China representative for China Africa Advisory, Ms Hannah Ryder, have to say about the opportunities for African students and professionals in China today.

Aside from the vast opportunities created for Africans, both in Africa and China, through the likes of China’s One Belt One Road Initiative ranging from education development to business ventures to cross-border cooperation and deals, the Chinese government have, since the 1950s, offered scholarships to African students and professionals to study in China.

Today, China has become the second most popular country for African students studying abroad. And the numbers are expected to rise in the near future, especially with the strengthening of ties between China and Africa through the One Belt One Road project.

However, not all African students studying in China are on a scholarship. Most Africans who choose to come to China are here because of the need to understand China in order to take advantage of the increasing opportunities between China and Africa.

Our distinguished guest speaker of the evening, Ms Hannah Ryder, who is the founder and CEO of the first-ever Kenyan Wholly Owned Enterprise in China aimed at improving Chinese and international organizations and businesses’ contribution towards global poverty reduction through green growth, particularly in Africa, proposed the idea for African students and professionals to capitalize on the opportunity of growing China-African ties and start their own businesses that can create jobs in both China and Africa. Being cross-border can both maximize your potential of being a China and Africa expert, as well as eliminate a lot of career competition.

And a China MBA is a great fit to this equation.

As for our current student participating in the discussion panel during the event, each of them had their own vision of why a China MBA is what they will need to uplift their careers. From entrepreneurial ambitions to cross-border plans, our African MBA students are confident that a China MBA is the right avenue to help them reach their respective targets.

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Thank you to our host and student panels as well as the distinguished guest speaker, Ms Hannah Ryder, for making the event a great success!

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