When I started to consider for further study, initially, I had no knowledge of the MBA program in Peking University, one of China’s most prestigious universities. Later I got to know about Guanghua School of Management at Peking University via the National University of Singapore (NUS) MBA program website of the opportunity to study for the Double MBA program – that is, to study at two universities in different countries to obtain an MBA degree from both universities. This internationalized Double MBA program caught my interest of getting exposure to two new worlds outside my country, so I chose the NUS-Peking University double MBA program with a “two birds with one stone” -approach.

The reasons I chose Guanghua MBA over many other prestigious western universities associated with NUS are:

Firstly, China has a long-established friendship, and is a major trade partner, with my mother land – Myanmar. During my formative high school studies, the growing economic bonds binding the two countries impressed me and I started to think about the future prospects in the fortunes of the two countries.

Secondly, as China continues to globalize with rapid economic growth, it has made me consider more deeply about my choices of career prospects. As a young person full of dreams to explore beyond my native boundary, the choice of taking this MBA program could help make my dreams come true.

I chose to start the first year in Guanghua School of Management in Beijing, and then proceed to NUS for my second year. Both schools have designed the program for a diverse cultural learning experience in a rapidly changing business environment. The concept of the program nurtured me extremely well to learn, to grow, to establish and to be strong.

In fact, the two different countries and two different campuses, both with a diverse cultural atmosphere, broadened my horizon and gave me the ability to cope with a new environment in a fast-paced business context.

During my subsequent years of employment, I have faced many expected and unexpected difficulties and obstacles in several different regions of the world for the last 10 years since my graduation from the NUS-Peking University double MBA program. I really appreciate and am extremely grateful that the program has trained me well to carry out all my employment duties, in which I’ve had to deal with many challenges. As part of my current responsibilities, I now have to lead people from different nationalities with different cultural backgrounds, and to integrate them all with a western-developed business education system. The Double MBA program has equipped me to be able to deal with this complicated and sophisticated work condition.

I also firmly believe that the education knowledge and experience I have acquired from this MBA program, as well as my wide business and cultural experiences have all prepared me to look forward to further opportunities that are on the horizon. The Belt and Road concept, for instance, is an exciting prospect for me, as I can foresee many opportunities to use my knowledge and skills, not only to improve myself but, in some ways, to also enhance the growing relationship between China and my motherland – for our mutual benefit.

Myo Myo Hlaing (Ms)

BTEC HND Business Lecturer and Course Leader

Beijing International Vocational Education School

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