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Miatta Momoh, our 2016 MBA Candidate, takes us into her student life in Beijing for a day to demonstrate the vibrant and colorful capital city of Beijing, and why China is the place to be, both from a student’s and young professional’s perspective.

Born in London to Sierra Leonean parents, Miatta came to China with no prior knowledge of Chinese language despite a keen interest to learn about doing business in China. Yet, after completing the first year of her MBA studies, she managed to land an internship at, one of the biggest e-commerce companies in China alongside Alibaba, working for's Ad Tech and Data Innovations team, Black Dragon, focusing on global and domestic business development, which demonstrates the vast opportunities available for international students as well as her commitment to China.

“China is coming up to being the leading economy in the whole world, so for me I’m here at the right time to witness all these things take place. It’s also inspired me to focus on my own career aspirations as an entrepreneur and also developing businesses with China and Africa, so for me it’s just the right time, right place and the right environment to learn and grow.”

One of the highlights of 2017 for Miatta was when she hosted the PKU MBA Speaker Series event in December that gathered African communities in Beijing under one roof to discuss whether studying in China can really create jobs for Africans.You can read more about the event here.

Check out Miatta’s video hereand experience Beijing from her shoes for a day, as she takes us from her student accommodation to the classroom and to the very center of Beijing.

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