Myself in front of City Theater Hamburg, Germany

In terms of global experience, my career might be a good example for its diversity and intensity.

Throughout the 8.5 years of my global energy project management career, and 2 years of military service in the United States army, I had the chance to explore all around the world. For instance, my 1 year life in Germany, 2 years in the U.S. army post, and many months business stays in various countries, such as the UK, Canada, France, etc. I even crossed the Indian Ocean by a Brazilian drillship, and went to South Africa and Dubai.

As my job was being responsible of project management for energy industries, I’ve met and negotiated with major oil companies from all over the world. Countless global opportunities helped me to broaden my business perspectives.

Somehow, however, my direct clients were all westerners, and my fascination to get to know more about China grew bigger and bigger. Eventually, my path came to China, and now I am at the Guanghua School of Management in Beijing, China.

Dinner celebration after project strategy development meeting with Royal Dutch Shell, McKinsey & Company, Technip FMC France, and Samsung Heavy Industries

While working in one offshore oil & gas development projects, in which the value of the project reached up to 5 billion dollars, I could directly witness China’s involvement in the business.

Due to the urgency of the business timeframe, project investment decisions – the first and most important milestone of the project – needed to be done as soon as possible. When the project implementation committee meeting with shareholders was held, all of our eyes were on people who came from CNPC (China National Petroleum Company) because they were the last decision maker for the start of the project. Finally, one of the biggest offshore development projects was successfully implemented.

Not only my project, but also many other energy projects are directly involved with various forms of connections to China. It has become harder and harder to find global energy projects cooperation without connection with China.

Places that I've been while doing global projects, including Houston Texas USA, Atlanta Georgia USA, Toronto Ontario Canada, and Edinburgh Scotland)

China's One Belt One Road initiative

As China's ‘One Belt, One Road’ project expands further to the world, more Chinese investment is made on large-scale energy projects. During the global project management works I was involved in, I could actually feel the transformation of the project trends.

In order to understand the source of power originated from China, I had to learn more about China. Eventually Guanghua and Beijing was the best choice among any selections because of not only its best comprehensive curriculum, but also core network across China.

I expect economic ties between Korea and China will be stronger in the future. Guanghua will definitely be a great leverage for me to work on this stream.

At the end of drilling project with Brazilian client. A warm bond was formed during the course of the project

Based on my practical project experiences, and empirical business knowledge and skills, I would like to expand my capabilities to business development level which requires specific skills including the abilities to make strategic decisions, conduct financial analysis, as well as leadership on the global stage. Of course, I am planning to build up my professional network from current MBA classmates and alumni, which will become great assets in the future.

After Guanghua, I would like to actively deal with a wide range of energy industries, combining existing Chinese potentials with high international standards to improve project value. The ultimate step is to be the one who actually creates a new energy trend.

Why China? Why Beijing?

I simply want to say “come as soon as possible and witness the great stream”.

As soon as you arrive at the Beijing airport, you will see how many people are struggling to come in or go out. These massive movements will keep following you wherever you go in the city. This might not be easy for you to adjust in the beginning, but at the same time you will notice that it is not just a matter of number in people, but it is a matter of innovation in their life. You will witness the most well-settled IT life, such as mobile payments, shared bike systems, and online order/delivery. At some point you will feel like most of Chinese are early adopters, and not mere followers.

When it comes to your interest area, it will be quite the same. You will notice new stream that are shared by billions of people.

So regardless of your purpose, please make your way to China. It is definitely worthwhile to witness China’s great leap forward with your own eyes.

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