The Guanghua School of Management held its annual Student Ambassador Event with Dean Liu last Friday on January 15. The theme of this year's event is Fireside Chats.

Ambassador Lisa Xie (20G), in collaboration with the other ambassadors and the MBA office, surprised the dean and the professors with the video above. Each student ambassador gave a short introduction, followed by a brief statement of what being an MBA at Guanghua meant to them, and a word which best describes the school.

Producer:Lisa(Si-Ting) Xie

Presenter:Lin Xie (Shirley)

Casts and screenwriters:Talat Dormanli, Carlos Camperos, Lisa(Si-Ting) Xie, Rafael Rezende Macedo, Geffcristian Jordan C. Tan, Lai Ming Yii, Lau Ching Yong Xavier, Amaia Perea Mintegui, Ning Jing Rong, Jordan Nadir-Becker, Chris McElvogue, Amy Chan, Beverly Fung Mock, Henry Sher, Tarass Leocko, Du Yu, Kevin Pan

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