#Why Guanghua# is a special feature on our MBA students' stories with Guanghua School of Management. As a technical engineer who managed to make an impact in an era with rapid developments, Qianyu begins to explore herself in further cross-industry opportunities. Let's read her story.

FANG Qianyu

"Leading your best life."

Basic Info

Hometown: Anhui, China

Fun Fact About Yourself: At first glance, I might appear to be a stereotypical "coding lady", but in reality I'm curious about other industries and am looking to explore cross-industry opportunities.

Previous School and Major: University of Science and Technology of China - Software Engineering

Most Recent Employer and Job Title: Turbo Linux - Development Engineer


Q: A brief introduction of your experience:

Hi everyone, I'm FANG Qianyu from Guanghua’s GMBA program. I grew up in Hefei, a budding new city in science and education. Perhaps under such influence, I decided to pursue Information Technology at both the undergraduate and masters level, and studied Software Engineering at the University of Science and Technology of China. Upon graduating in 2017, I joined Turbo Linux and became a "glorious coding peasant". During my tenure there, I was primarily responsible for research and development. I engaged in the expansion of back-end cloud platforms, designed and engineered front-end web pages, and participated in the entire software engineering process as a technical engineer.

Q: What's your biggest accomplishment in your career so far?

I am proud to have helped private enterprises establish digital platforms and to have empowered traditional practices with technology. While we are lucky to live in an era with rapid developments in science and technology, we also have to deal with unique challenges that arise. In late 2018, I participated in a private enterprise project aimed at digitalizing the company's processes. I set up my own team in two separate locations for the very first time, and together we helped build digital platforms for very traditional private enterprises, and conducted the necessary training of their personnel. Upon successful completion, I witnessed the massive efficiency gain that can be brought about by digital solutions. In a society where many feel small and insignificant, I managed to feel that my contribution as a technical engineer made an impact.

Q: What was the key factors that led you to determine on Guanghua instead of other schools, and why was it so important to you?

Guanghua is truly an amazing place. As one of the best business schools in China, GSM has a comprehensive MBA program that shape business talents in various disciplines and industries. In addition, Guanghua has the "human touch". During the application process, I felt myself how Guanghua cared for every applicant, which made the entire process much more meaningful. I'm glad to say that such treatment extends far beyond your application, as Guanghua continues to ensure that each and every student has an unforgettable experience here.

Q: What was the most challenging part of the admissions process?

To realize what I truly wanted. I felt that understanding my goals and my reasons for pursuing MBA was especially challenging. This is because one's goals determine the direction that one pursues henceforth, and thus the foundations on which they are built upon are of utmost importance. With the right goals, there will be value in one's pursuit.

Q: What was the most impressive course or event in learning?

The most memorable event to me happened in the final Management Economics class. Back then, Professor Wang Hui said to us, "Maybe some people work for money, some for responsibility, but I hope we can calm down in an impetuous society, know what we want, and work for love in the future. Desire is the beginning of everything and the highest priority." He subsequently related this to his own personal experience in the academic profession. Many classmates were touched by his words and sincerity, and felt that his words were a cause for self-reflection.

Q: How and why do you think GSM has helped your career development?

The help provided by GSM is immeasurable. Not only is there weight behind Guanghua's brand, the courses at GSM are also very enriching. At the same time, the staff at the Career Development Center has also provided us with much help, which ranges from career advising to getting access to various employment opportunities. Furthermore, Guanghua has an outstanding alumni base, which is an invaluable resource in career development.

Q: What quality best describes your MBA classmates and why?


I have always said great things about our class, and if I am only restricted to a single word, it'll be "perfect". 

I would like to thank my classmates for going through thick and thin with me. Everyone is amazing in their own unique way, and I have learned a lot from everyone. 

When I took part in the Top Ten Singers Competition, your cheers filled my eyes with tears; When we celebrated our birthdays together, everyone embraced each other warmly; Every time I see the logo of our class and read out our slogan, I feel very proud. 

Thank you my classmates for giving me the perfect class and for being the perfect friends.


Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?

I usually pursue my hobbies. As I grow older, I find it easier to find new things of interest, such as skiing and surfing. No feat can be achieved overnight, and one has to work hard to achieve our goals. Hence, in my spare time, I try my best to develop my interests and cultivate my skills. At present, my primary hobbies are street dancing and snowboarding, but I hope to learn more in the future!

Q: What’s the plan after graduation, and where do you see yourself in ten years?

First of all, I hope I am healthy, and will continue to stay proactive and love sports in the next ten years. In addition, I hope I can keep a clear mind and a soft heart, have clear goals, and find my own purpose without succumbing to the pressures of the fast-paced society. Success is multi-dimensional, and I hope that after ten years, I can get enough sense of accomplishment in my life, which may come from my family, work or hobbies. In short, no matter what I will do, I don't want to waste any time, so let's go!

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