"I set for myself three goals for the MBA Program: to receive top-level business education based on the Chinese market, to expand my vision and network, and to have a global experience. Compared with the first two goals which can be easily attained thanks to Guanghua’s profound legacy accumulated over the years, 'a global experience' included in the third goal is a treasure that makes Guanghua stand out and above others and that you need to look for yourself.

As a part-time student, I have been tirelessly digging into Guanghua’s international resources, and am known as 'the old man that never rests.' As I have been admitted to Kellogg’s Double-Degree MBA Program (2021-2022), I would like to share with you my application experience." Tu Shiyao, Guanghua MBA Program 19P4


1. Origin: My dream for a global learning experience

When looking for a suitable domestic MBA program, I looked over Guanghua’s overseas cooperation programs and was fascinated by its rich international exchange and double-degree programs. Some of the exchange programs are co-launched with the world’s top business schools such as Wharton, Booth, Kellogg, Tuck, and LSE. The diversity and quality of its cooperative double-degree MBA programs are unparalleled in China, and among the partners are famous European and American schools like Kellogg, McCombs, ESSEC in France and ESADE in Spain, as well as Asian universities including NUS and Hitotsubashi University of Japan, suiting the differentiated needs of students of different backgrounds and appeals.

Therefore, while applying for Guanghua, I intentionally inquired details of the international programs and their selection criteria from the MBA Office, and made a plan.

2. Process: An “old man” with perseverance and persistence

As a part-time student, attending the intense courses on weekends and doing my job and coursework on week days are already time- and -energy consuming. Therefore I made a plan in advance and worked extra hard to prepare for the TOEFL and GMAT exams. I am deeply indebted to my classmates of the MBA program for sharing high-quality English learning resources.

In the process of application, MBA officers patiently answered all my questions and coordinated with partner institutes to speed up our application process as fast as possible, and give us the maximum flexibility in the context of COVID-19. The School’s strong support was a great assurance for us applicants.

3. Outlook: Why Kellogg’s double-degree program?

One of the M7 business schools in the United States, Kellogg School of Management offers world-renowned business education, and is particularly known for its marketing discipline. The emphasis on teamwork, academic study and real-life applications is also what makes Kellogg stand out. For me, an overseas in-person learning experience, immersion in cultural diversity, a close look at the consumer-spending industry in a mature international market from the perspective of VC/PE investors, and Kellogg’s network of elite alumni and faculty, are all very appealing to my aspiration to become an outstanding investor or even entrepreneur.

In the interview,the alumni interviewer told me how tightly-knit their global alumni network was and that even alumni who never met could bond quickly by their shared identity of “Kellogg alumni.”The interviewer, driven by strong sense of identity with Kellogg and its program, has been enthusiastically engaged with Kellogg’s activities (including interviews with prospective students) for nearly two decades since graduation.

From the economical perspective, the one-year MBA double-degree program is very cost-effective. The Kellogg one-year MBA program with Guanghua mainly consists of optional courses, giving students with education background in business greater flexibility to tailor to their own needs. The one-year schedule is indeed tight and challenging, but it is the fastest, most cost-effective path to premium business education.

Looking back on the one and a half years I have spent in Guanghua looking for “international elements,” I find the experience – getting prepared for an unknown future for most of the time – has built my character. I am grateful for the platform and resources provided by Guanghua and the great support of its faculty, which are my wings to chase my dream of a global learning experience. Guanghua MBA program blends the local and international elite learning experience. For students who have a clear goal and plan, Guanghua always provides them the best resources to help achieve it.

Provided by: Tu Shiyao, Guanghua MBA Program 19P4

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