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About Cornell-Peking MMH/MBA Program

A unique learning experience

A perfect balance between teaching, learning and individual career

A good combination of professional skills and business knowledge

Combining an Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree with an Master of Management Hospitality (MMH) degree is a great way to acquire general business management skills with specialized service industry knowledge. The Cornell-Peking MMH/MBA is a dual-degree program offered by the Cornell Peter and Stephanie Nolan School of Hotel Administration and the Guanghua School of Management at Peking University. At Peking University, you can earn an MBA degree along with an MMH degree from Cornell University in a well-compressed timeframe while keeping your current career steadily moving on.

The mission of the program is to educate the next generation of leaders in the service industry in China with global perspectives and capabilities. If you want the best and wish to learn with the best, this is a MUST. The Cornell-Peking MMH/MBA Program will equip our prospective students with the essential skill sets for a variety of careers that require a depth of business management knowledge, ethics and hospitality as well as the service acumen.


 A Master of Business Administration degree (MBA) from Peking University

 A Master of Management in Hospitality (MMH) degree from Cornell University


 Beijing, Shanghai, China & Cornell campuses in Ithaca and New York City, NY




 English and Chinese, to follow institutions' instructional language

Application Procedure
  • Complete the online application at (https:// apply.gsm. )

  • Upload all the required documents online

  • Application files assessment by Cornell-Peking Admissions Committee

  • Admission interview via invitation only

  • Admission decision released within 2 weeks after the interview

  • Admission confirmation

  • Official admission package sent

Application Deadlines

There are 5 application rounds for 2023 entry, please check for more details.

Application Criteria
  • International applicants and applicants from the Chinese regions of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan

  • Hold a bachelor’s degree or above

  • Have relevant work experience

  • Have a competitive GMAT or GRE or take Guanghua Entrance Exam

Chinese Language Requirements
  • International applicants must have a valid HSK level 6 score

World-Class Faculty

The Cornell-Peking MMH/MBA curriculum, which combines theory and practice, will be shared evenly (50% and 50%) and taught jointly by the faculty from both Cornell and Peking Universities. You will learn the subject matter in both English and Mandarin from some of academia’s most respected professors. Service industry leaders are also invited to speak on current topics, providing valuable real-world insights. The faculty at the Guanghua School of Management teaches MBA core courses; Nolan School faculty provide specialized hospitality management core courses—in areas such as real estate, service operations, analytics, and human resource management.

Unique Learning Experience

The program is divided into classroom sessions and U.S. residential sessions. 70% of coursework is completed in China by the faculty from both Cornell and Peking Universities—the majority of classroom sessions take place every other weekend in Shanghai. The remaining 30% of the program consists of U.S. residential sessions on Cornell’s campuses in Ithaca, NY, and New York City. While in Ithaca, you will have the opportunity to do experiential learning in hospitality and hear from guest speakers who are leaders in the hospitality and service arenas.

Rich Alumni Network

By completing this program with strong global academic connections in Shanghai and Ithaca, graduates advance themselves with rich alumni resources provided by the Guanghua and Nolan School alumni and dive into the hospitality and the service industry.

Guanghua School of Management has been a leading figure in business and economics in China for 36 years. Driven by the powerful ideas, our mission is to advance management knowledge, cultivate business leaders, and promote social progress.

The Cornell Peter and Stephaine Nolan School of Hotel Administration was established in 1922 and is located in Ithaca, New York, one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. As the first and most outstanding hotel management school in the United States, it has defined the global service industry benchmark in the past century, and led the development trend of the service industry.

20+ Courses

  • Critical Thinking and Business Ethics
  • Financial Accounting
  • Data Analysis and Statistical Decisions
  • Managerial Economics
  • Organizational Behavior
  • China in World Economic and Political Environment
  • Business English/Chinese
  • Corporate Finance I and II
  • Venture Strategy Simulation
  • Academic Norms & Thesis Development
  • Introduction to Hospitality
  • Analytics and Operations for Services
  • Human Resource Management
  • Revenue Management / Distribution
  • Properties Development and Planning
  • Marketing Management for Services
  • Leadership and Ethics in the Hospitality Industry
  • Competitive Strategy for Hospitality Industry
  • Decision Making and Analytics for Foodservice Management
  • Real Estate Principles, Finance, Investments, & Capital  Markets
  • Industry Immersion I and II

The above courses are subject to change.

Dynamic Community & Prospective Students

Our cohort consists of students from various industries. They are entrepreneurs, analysts, hotel owners, consultants and other professionals from many other fields. Through the well-designed program, students can stretch their skills and challenge their potentials.

The unique class format and locations will allow our admitted students to strengthen the professional skills with concrete business knowledge.

The prospective graduates are likely to become the next generation of leaders in the service industry in China with global perspectives and capabilities.

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