Master of Finance(Business Analytics)

1.Whom are we looking for?

We are committed to cultivating talents proficient in data business value, technology and management skills for the data industry.

2.What can you learn?

Courses offered:

·Business fundamentals: Advanced Economics and Management courses are systematically offered as endeavor to strengthen basic business knowledge. Courses will be taught in a high quality training by focusing on accurate setting on economy, finance and management. With the aim to cultivate students to understand and master the business value of data, the program aspires to further guide each student with their career planning in the long-term. Development Strategy is one of compulsory courses for students as well.

·Computer technology: The development of computer technology broadens definition about data, provides technical foundation for big data analysis, rendering the possibility of data productization. For this purpose, Master of Business Analytics Program sets up a systematic and complete core curriculum of Computer Technology, that mainly covers two aspects: the important and basic data analysis language (for example: R, Python, SQL) and the large-scale data processing technology (distributed storage and computing)

·Analysis methods: Data analysis casts insight into business value cannot be achieved without abundant analysis methods. The Master of Business Analytics Program gives full play to Guanghua’s multi-disciplinary advantages. It has a set of perfect analysis methods training system established, which involving but is not limited to Statistics, Marketing, Management Science, Finance and Economics among other disciplines. Additionally, the Program also provides courses related to high quality, machine learning and deep learning for the purpose to cultivate students’ cognition and grasp of the latest developments in the knowledge domain and forward-looking thinking in the industry.

Industry practice: Data does not have a sheer and independent business value. Its business value can only be highlighted in specific business scenarios. Through the Guanghua and its strong alumni network, the Master of Business Analytics Program creates abundant practice opportunities for students. Integrated practice experience that goes deep into industry is the only route to a good mastery of business analytics. Related industries (included but not limited to): Internet finance, consumer finance, insurance risk control, Internet of Things (including: The Internet of Vehicles), e-commerce, Internet advertising, social media, etc.

Curriculum Outline (click to download):

3.How to apply?

1. Log on and register

2. Submit Application Materials and Application fees

3. Application Verification

(If unsuccessful) Re-submit within deadline

(If successful) Will be verified and examined by Guanghua

4.Declaration of Qualified Candidates by ISD (International Students Division)

5. Admission Letters from ISD

4.Career Path

Graduates cultivated by this Program will be familiar with the core methodology ranging from data to business value. It includes the understanding of commercial business and the core essential analysis tools. Thus, the career prospect is wide, but not limited to: Internet (of Things) enterprises, finance and securities investment, manufacturing, consulting, government among many other industries.

5.Fees and Funding

Fees: CNY 64,000 each year, 128,000 in all for two years.

Funding: International students of Peking University can, before entering the university, apply for Chinese Government Scholarship, Beijing International Student Scholarship, Peking University Scholarship for International Students. After admission, there will still be opportunities to apply for Beijing International Students Scholarship and other financial aid based on academic performance and other comprehensive performance.

For more details,please visit the official website of International Student Division:

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