Why Guanghua

Master of Finance(Business Analytics)

Master of Business Analytics Program is a master's course created by Guanghua School of Management, Peking University with the aim to adapt to and promote China’s data industry. This is a 2-year program and will be awarded a master degree in finance at the end of the program. By making full use of the humanistic connotations of Peking University and the excellent faculties and other rich resources of Guanghua, the Program is dedicated to cultivating a group of talents who are proficient in data business value, data technology coupled with management skills. The Program not only focuses on edification of economy, finance, management knowledge, but also pays attention to big data analysis methodology, and artificial intelligence technology training. In a period of 2 years’ full-time study, it intends to teach students business basics, computer technology, analysis methodology and practical courses. The Program expects to cultivate students’ ability to solve theoretical and practical problems by comprehensive use of the professional knowledge they acquired at Guanghua, enabling  them to understand both the forefront development of data analysis and connect it to the national conditions and industry demand of China. With the improved research ability and innovation potential excavated at Guanghua, students are aspired to be able to adapt to and be competent in work in the data related field.

Our 5 Differentiators

1. Excellent Faculties:

Guanghua prides with more than 100 full-time faculties. They come from the Department of Finance, Applied Economics, Accounting and Management of Guanghua. They are either master scholars who have participated in the economic reform and government decision-making, or senior professors in academia, or young scholars who have been trained overseas, with strong love for research, and are dedicated to teaching.

Guanghua is also proud to have part-time professors and specially appointed professors of foreign nationals who have rich expertise and practical experience in finance.

2. Industry Mentors:

Guanghua’s “Industry Mentor Plan of the Master of Business Analytics Program”  invites experienced corporate executives (or senior government leadership) in the data industry, who are interested in cultivating business analysts and identifying with Guanghua's mission as off-campus mentors Program. Each mentor instructs 1-3 students and the Program will be officially commenced in 2019.

Invited mentors will interact with students in different ways, sharing their professional expertise and business experience, encouraging students to grow, and guiding their career development. The plan aims to build a platform between industry elite, alumni and students, serving as a stage for industry personnel to contribute to the educational cause by way of nurturing financial talents for the new era. In addition, it will enhance the communication and connection between alumni and alma mater.

3.International Exchanges:

Guanghua has signed exchange and cooperation agreements with more than 120 top international business schools, including the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. In fact, our partner schools are located in 34 countries and regions, including North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

4. Career Prospect:

Graduates cultivated by this Program are promised with a strong competitiveness in the core methodology: from data itself to business value. It encompasses  understanding of business service and core essential analysis tools. Thus, the career prospect is wide, but not limited to: Internet (of Things) enterprises, finance and securities investment, manufacturing, consulting, government among many other industries.

5. Alumni:

Guanghua owns the most diverse, the widest and the largest alumni network among all the business schools in China. Currently, there are more than 30,000 alumni from undergraduate, master's programs, PhD, MBA, EMBA, ExEd, DBA, MFin, MPAcc and MSEM. Active as they are in academic, political, business and other fields, they contribute their power gained at Guanghua to China's economic and social development and even the global change. In 2017 alone, Guanghua sponsored more than 100 alumni activities with participation of tens of thousands of people. These activities successfully created an atmosphere in which the alumini were inspired to work and progress together a lifelong learning journey for everyone. Guanghua provides first-class services for alumni, including: alumni association activities at all levels, alumni salon, the annual Alumni Homecoming Day, alumni lifelong learning opportunities, summer camp for children, alumni party, etc.

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