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    speaker 郭迅华, 清华大学 time 周二, 5月28日, 10:00-11:30
    place 光华2号楼216教室







    Existing research on recommender systems has mostly focused on developing algorithms to predict the degrees to which a consumer may like a product. Recommended products are usually presented based on their predicted ratings in descending order. Considering the cognitive process of online consumers, when users evaluate the recommended products in sequence, the descending order may not necessarily be a good solution to increase consumers' willingness to purchase. Drawing upon the evaluability theory and the order effects perspective, we formulate a scenario where each product has two attributes, one of which can be evaluated independently while the other is difficult to evaluate without comparison. Analyses show that in two out of the three cases of the scenario, presenting the most recommended product in the second place will result in higher consumer willingness-to-pay. Research hypotheses are proposed based on the results of the scenario analysis and empirically tested using two laboratory experiments. In Study 1, we found strong evidence for the hypothesized order effects in randomly assigned product recommendation in terms of participants’ willingness to pay. In Study 2, participants viewed actual personalized recommendations and we observed similar effects. The findings provide a new angle for understanding the behavioral implications of using recommender systems in e-commerce and shed light on directions to improve the design of such systems.


    郭迅华,清华大学经济管理学院长聘副教授。2005年获得清华大学管理科学与工程专业硕士学位和博士学位。主要研究领域为管理信息系统、电子商务、商务智能。学术论文发表于MIS Quarterly、Journal of MIS、Journal of AIS、Communications of the ACM、Decision Sciences、INFORMS Journal on Computing、Information Systems Journal、Journal of Information Technology、ACM Transactions on KDD等信息系统领域重要国际期刊,以及《管理科学学报》、《管理世界》、《中国管理科学》、《系统工程理论与实践》等重要国内期刊,作为负责人或骨干承担多项国家自然科学基金项目和企业项目。曾获得清华大学学术新秀、优秀博士毕业生荣誉称号。曾于2008年在德国RWTH Aachen University做访问学者以及在MIT斯隆管理学院担任国际教职研究员。现任国际信息系统协会中国分会(CNAIS)常务理事兼副秘书长,中国管理现代化研究会信息管理专业委员会秘书长,《信息系统学报》主编助理,Electronic Commerce Research、Journal of Global Information Management等国际学术杂志编委会成员。


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