Program Summary

The Master of Social Enterprise Management (MSEM) program was jointly initiated in 2014 by Peking University (PKU), Guanghua School of Management (GSM), Yintai Investment & Finance Group, and Yintai Foundation, under the vision for the long-term human resources development in the Chinese philanthropic sector, and for promoting labor division and career development of philanthropic professionals. It offers two-year modular teaching for senior managers and social entrepreneurs who have passion for public welfare and cultivates their sense of social responsibility, innovation orientation, management and execution capacity.


Admissions and The People we want

The admissions process involves an interview and a written entrance examination . All the applicants must submit their materials before the admission rounds deadline. Then after review, some of them will be asked to do a face-to-face interview. Those who pass the interview will obtain the pre-admission qualification, and the the initial admission candidate will be identified by those who get A level in the national entrance exam for graduates in the management and the PKU entrance exam on ideological and political theories. Only those whose application materials are verified and pass the political review will be granted the official letter of admission.


Comprehensive Curriculum Based on Reality

Based on the rich cultural legacy and academic resources of Peking University and the constructive system of Guanghua School of Management, the MSEM program offers a customized core courses on Managerial Economics, Corporate Finance, Operations Management, Organizational Behavior, etc. and a variety of elective courses on finance & investment, innovation & entrepreneurship, etc. It aims to foster the sense of social responsibility and innovation management for senior managers and social entrepreneurs, and equip them with both theories and hands-on skills needed to serve social enterprises, non-government organizations and the like.


Global Vision

Through partnership with 120 prestigious universities and business schools all over the world, Guanghua School of Management is proud to offer abundant overseas exchange opportunities for students every year. In particular, MSEM students can make the best of these opportunities via international double-degree programs, international exchange programs and global business immersion programs to study in top-ranking business schools, learn from the world’s greatest minds and immerse in the international culture as well as join the global alumni network.


Public Service

The MBA&MSEM Volunteer Teaching Project is a charity project between the MBA and the MSEM programs of Guanghua School of Management, assemble candidates who have obtained the initial admission qualifications and alumni to volunteer teaching in remote schools across China. It aims to find out the development needs of areas which short of educational resources, the group of these volunteers apply business practices to advance charity and build a wonderful world with “a philanthropic heart and commercial tools”.


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