Degree Program

Guanghua offers international students the following two pathways to international students interested in pursuing an undergraduate degree:

(1)English-taught Undergraduate Double-Degree Program

(2)Chinese-taught Undergraduate Degree Program

Candidates applying to a Guanghua undergraduate program as an international student must be a non-Chinese citizen in good health, hold a valid passport, be above the age of 18, and should abide by Chinese laws and the regulations of Peking University. They should also respect Chinese social customs.


English-taught Undergraduate Double-Degree Program:

By partnering with 14 of the world’s best business schools, the Guanghua School of Management has created the “Future Leaders” Program. The “Future Leaders” Program is a double-degree program that gives students the opportunity to gain an understanding of their local markets while also immersing them in one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic economies in the world: China. International students will spend two years at their home institution and will join Guanghua for another two years of study as a single cohort. While at Peking University, students will live and study together with classmates of diverse backgrounds from all over the world, including students from mainland China, creating a unique platform to form and exchange new ideas. International students who complete graduation requirements will receive a Bachelor’s degree from their home institution together with a Bachelor of Arts in Management from Peking University.

To learn more about the “Future Leaders” Program, please visit the program website:


Chinese-taught Undergraduate Degree Program:In the first two years, students study intensive mathematics and complete general education courses. At the end of their second year, students will choose one of four majors: Accounting, Finance, Financial Economics, and Marketing. In their third year, students begin taking major-specific courses, which will continue until they complete their graduation thesis at the end of their 4thyear. Internship experiences are mandatory during the four years; however, students are not encouraged to undertake internships on weekdays.

To learn more about application procedures, please visit the official website of the International Students Division of Peking University:



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