Exchange program

In addition to its full-time undergraduate degree offerings, Guanghua and Peking University provide short-term study options for international students. These options include:

(1)Guanghua Exchange Programs

(2)Peking University Short-term Language Programs

(3)Pre-University Program (for high school students)

Candidates applying to a Guanghua undergraduate program as an international student must be a non-Chinese citizen in good health, hold a valid passport, be above the age of 18, and should abide by Chinese laws and the regulations of Peking University. They should also respect Chinese social customs.


Guanghua Exchange Programs:Guanghuahas partnered with more than 120 universities across the world to offer short-term exchange programs to international students looking to learn from the expertise of Guanghua’s faculty or gain study experience in China. Guanghua similarly provides study abroad opportunities for all of its undergraduate students interested in gaining experience overseas.

For more information on applying to one of Guanghua’s exchange programs (either as an inbound international student or an outbound Guanghua student), please visit Guanghua’s exchange program website:


Peking University Short-term Language Programs

Peking University offers short-term language courses and other short-term, non-degree programs to students who would like to study topics in fields other than business and management. Information on these programs can be found on the official website of the International Students Division of Peking University:


Peking University Pre-University Program

Operated by Peking University, the Pre-University Program aims to provide those outstanding high school graduates who are interested in studying at Peking University as undergraduates with 1-2 years of preparatory Chinese and mathematics training. After the pre-university program, those who have good grades and good behavior can be given priority in the undergraduate admission process.

To learn more about the Pre-University Program, please visit the official website of the International Students Division of Peking University:




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