Why Guanghua

Why Guanghua

The undergraduate programs of Guanghua School of Management (Guanghua) are the most competitive undergraduate programs in Chinese business schools. We recruit promising young talents from across the country. Each year around 180 high school graduates are admitted into our programs, primarily on the basis of their performance in the National Entrance Examination; meanwhile, around 30 international students are enrolled each year, based on their performances in the exams and interviews which are held by Peking University every spring. Our past students have proved to be the most-wanted group of graduates by employers among various fields.

Subject Advantage

Guanghua has a complete disciplinary structure, and now has 7 departments, including Accounting, Applied Econometrics, Business Statistics and Econometrics, Finance, Management Science and Information System, Marketing, and Organization and Strategic Management. In the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2018, Peking University ranked first among mainland universities in Economics and Econometrics, Accounting and Finance, Business and Management Studies.

Faculty Strengths

Guanghua has more than 100 full-time faculty members. There are not only famous scholars represented by Professor Li Yi’ning, but also young and middle-aged academic backbone who graduated from foreign first-class business schools, have the courage to innovate and have international academic influence. The teaching team also includes many industry mentors, adjunct professors and foreign distinguished professors with profound academic achievements and rich practical experience. At the same time, Guanghua provides students with academic tutors, counselors, class teachers and off-campus tutors to guide students comprehensively in study, scientific research and employment among other areas.

Scientific Cultivation

Guanghua, with its constantly improved cultivation system, has been successful in helping its students become outstanding talents in related fields thanks to its philosophy and practice applied in teaching its students in terms of theory and knowledge education, quality, skills, innovation ability enhancement and, expansion of international horizons.

Curriculum Structure
● General Compulsory Courses
● Major Compulsory Courses
● Major Elective Courses
● Liberal Optional Courses: 1) Mathematics and Natural Sciences; 2) Social Sciences; 3) Philosophy and Psychology; 4) History; 5) Linguistics, Philosophy, Literature, Art and Aesthetic Education; 6) Social Sustainable Development.
● Basic Courses: 1) Economics, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Management; 2) Quality Education; 3) Thinking, Communication; 4) International Horizon; 5) Social Responsibility; 6) Teamwork.
● Practical Courses: 1) Fertile Soil Program; 2) Business Plan Competition; 3) Entrepreneurial Practice Cases; 4) Industry Lectures

Critical Thinking  

Guanghua launched a trial of "Small Class Seminar Teaching Reform" for undergraduates in the fall of 2012. Courses of Economics, Organization and Management, Corporate Financial Management are taught in the form big class but combined with small class discussion. Basic knowledge learning plus cultivation of independent and critical thinking has been well received.

Practical Ability

Guanghua offers such special courses as China's Financial Hot Spot, China's Economic Reform and Development and Value Investment. We also offer Chinese Enterprises Operation and Management in cooperation with EMBA Center. Well-known managers in the industry are invited to lecture on the practical problems in the process of enterprise operation from multiple dimensions. In addition, Guanghua also offers practical courses such as Fertile Soil Program, Business Plan Competition, Entrepreneurial Practice Cases, and Industry Lectures.

Scientific Research Training

Guanghua has the "Future Scholars Development Program” in place for undergraduate students, providing them with the best academic resources and systematic support (research mentor, series of lectures, seminars, overseas exchange, etc.).

International Horizon

Guanghua has close ties with more than 120 world-renowned schools in the world such as the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, and the Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management of the US in teaching, research and other aspects. Such cooperative institutions cover 34 countries and regions in North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania. Students have a variety of international exchange opportunities such as semester exchange, summer school and winter vacation visit.


International students of Peking University can apply for Chinese Government Scholarships before entering the university. Such scholarships include Beijing International Student Scholarship, Peking University Scholarship for International Students or Confucius Institute Scholarship. After admission, there will still be opportunities to apply for Beijing International Students Scholarship and other financial aid based on academic performance and other comprehensive performances.

Your Future

The Career Development Center (CDC) is responsible for providing career advice, planning, training and job placement services to students. CDC is committed to helping GSM students, including MBA, undergraduate, masters, and doctoral students to achieve career goals that are challenging yet attainable. It provides specialized, individual and systematic training in relevant skills, including CV-writing, interview techniques, analytical skills, self-management, time-management etc., so as to enhance students’ professionalism and overall competitiveness in the job market.

CDC takes full advantage of the University and its own social resources to establish a firm connection between students and the corporate world. Through its constantly updated student/employer databases, it keeps potential employers and employees informed of the latest developments. Moreover, CDC cooperates with businesses to provide a diverse and exciting range of oncampus activities that are well-suited to students’ personal specialization and professional preferences, regularly inviting experts and HR managers from different industries to the school, and organizing for students to take part in company visits. CDC is also dedicated to assisting its corporate partners to recruit at campus and increase corporate visibility. It functions as liaison to students and recruiters in a way to facilitate careers.

Career Services

for student

·Career Planning Courses
·One-on-One Career Counseling
·Mock Interview
·Industry Orientation
·Company Visit
·CEO Forum
·Professional Ethics Education
·Alumni Sharing

for recruiter

·Job Posting
·Resume Book
·Graduate Career Report
·Official Reference for Full-time or Internship
·Job Fair
·Recruitment Talks
·Be Career Advisor
·Join "Student Intern Base"

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