Guanghua School of Management has signed exchange and cooperation agreements with more than 120 top international business schools. Our partner schools are located in 34 countries and regions, including North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

Students of Guanghua have a variety of international exchange opportunities such as semester exchange, summer exchange, and scholarly exchange in the winter vacation.

Every year, nearly 200 overseas exchange students are welcomed to study at Guanghua, creating a dynamic atmosphere in which a diversity of cultures thrive on and gain nourishment from each other. Come and get a glimpse of Guanghua.


James Wang

New Zealand

Class 2016, Undergraduate


For me, if I have to describe my life in Guanghua in three words, that would be diverse, motivated, and vibrant.


since I feel enlighten by imbibing from bright colleagues with vast diversity in the background, culture and personalities, inside this atmosphere of ingenuity in one of the top university in the Asia-Pacific and the world.


since the academic resources, internship opportunities and state-of-the-art facilities that Guanghua provides genuinely guided me become a better person in both of finding my interest in finance and pursuing my career in investment banking.


since I can always easily find myself in a huge variety of student communities, clubs, associations, sports teams and more, which is mad fun and I can continue to make more meaningful connections with others as my university life goes on!


Lai Caixuan


Class 2017, Undergraduate


“Why China?”People who asked this question are confused and curious, including my parents. The answer was really simple – I wantedan unexplored life, not the ones that I have modules to follow.

The privilege to be in Guanghua is thatyou can be anything you want to be.Everyone here will do everything they can to help you. The cross-discipline culture from different courses under Guanghua is inspiring and empowering. The people you meet, the connection you make, the network you build is expansive, multidisciplinary, and most importantly immeasurable in value. The number of activities, conferences, extracurricular activities awaiting you outside the classroom is insane. Resources are bountiful, thus, I told myself that I have to learn as much as possible and pick up as fast as possible.


Personally, the biggest attraction was to be able tostudy with the crème de la crème of China, who has survived and won the Gaokao marathon. They ain’t nerdy, they ain’t conservative, they ain’t just smart in Maths and Science (but yes, they are really good in Maths and Science), they just not that black and white.

I met friends who love arts, sports, politics, debate, theatre and etc. In Guanghua, put aside the geographic and racial diversity we have been constantly reminded of, I get to appreciate the diversity of interest we have the most. We might not be the best all-rounded person, but each of us makes up the most well-rounded class.


I wouldn’t deny the competitive spirit that permeates the air of Guanghua’s corridors every day. This is Guanghua, one of the leading business school in the world. The pace is fast and intense. As a sophomore, I am well exposed to the pre-professional environment Guanghua has to give.

If you ever walk through Guanghua’s corridor, the conversations you would most probably overhear include big banks, MBB firms, VC, PE, BPs, case competitions, interviews and etc. You can feel your adrenaline pump as seniors talk about their own start-up companies. You can feel the academic pursuits as your batch mates are involving in research with professors expertized in their field.


The most thrilled part to be in Guanghua is,you are given ample opportunities to practice your classroom knowledge in the real world. We got to step out of our comfort zone to different provinces of China to explore and experience China in an unimagined way.

Last summer, under the project “WoTu”, my friends and I went to Lingrui Pharmaceutical in Xinyang, Henan, a rural area which I believe I would never step a foot in if this project hadn’t existed. Throughout that two weeks, we rotated through different positions in the company, attended its annual meeting, produced an in-depth report analyzing the company’s growth strategy and more.

I realized people here are interested in creating a better future. And there’s more than one way to improve our society. I don’t necessarily have to work for NGOs or Fortune 500 companies, I just need to create something new, something that has an added value in it.




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